Saturday, March 7, 2009

dragonball z satanic?

The Dragon Ball Z is one of the children's and adults favorite animes. This anime and its manga ( Japanese Comics ) conquered almost all youngsters in Asia and America, in fact a movie is about created depicting Dragon Ball Z story and its characters. But is it true that Dragon Ball Z is introducing Satanic culture in its characters and stories, well that is something to find out in this article.


I myself is an avid fan of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, and I am collecting Dragon Ball cards, posters and videos, by having this collecting habbit I had studied the anime's characters stories and its story line. I would never say that Dragon ball is teaching the viewers with satanic virtues but simply they implicate satanic markings in its characters and its stories. But all these could not be recognized easily because viewers are caught by the humor and inpirational messages that anime is promoting.
Here are some characters that holds satanic markings and very obvious:
Mr. Satan - He is one of the well-known characters in the anime, perhaps you might consider the stupid character in the series. But when you try to open your eyes from the series where this guy appears he always come useful to the main characters particularly to Gokou. When Gokou fought with Kid Buu in the Buu Saga, Gokou is desperately making ways to defeat the evil villain and at the final stage of the battle Gokou asked help from Mr. Satan to unleashed more energy for his spirit bomb ( others would call it energy ball).
Because Mr. Satan is so famous in the world, so Mr. Satan used his popularity to gain energy from the people and in the original undubbed episode you would see people in the world shouting SATAN! SATAN! SATAN! in support to Mr. Satans request. Well luckly kids knew Mr. Satan as Hercule in US versions. But that episode really so satanic to hear!
Aside fromt that Mr. Satan in the anime is a kind and generous person and he calls his park Satanland, Satan City’s largest amusement park. Well very obvious people in the movie loves to stay in that park. whoow!
Ms. Videl - Well she is the beautiful daughter of Mr. Satan, very obvious her name is from the jumbled letters of the word "DEVIL". If Mr. Satan is not really the Evil Satan in the bible, then why it has to be Videl the name of her daughter. Anyways kids could hardly get it.
The Anime's Hell - In the anime the Hell is like Heaven, with two characters guarding it and these guys with a horn in their heads seems so nice and friendly. Well, its like they are telling the viewers that hell is a wonderful place.

There are really many of satanic markings in the anime, those are just few of it. So be careful of what you are watching. Other animes, with a Satanic markings are Ranma 1/2, Hunter X Hunter and Bleach... but their markings could be hidden carefully to avoid critics and conservative parents.
Animators now a days are promoting their Satanic virtues to the media in a form of different disguises. So parents much carefully guide their children of what animes, manga and games they are playing.
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Dragon Ball Z a satanic Anime?
The Car of Mr. Satan with 666 The Dragon Ball Z is one of the children's and adults favorite animes. This anime and its manga ( Japanese Comics ) conquered almost all youngsters in Asia and America, in... - 8 months ago


  1. bull crap mr satan this so called evil person gets beaten ocasionally and religion is nto allowed inhe any type of anime akira toriyama makes hell look like a wonderful place because of the fact he doesnt want to involve religion if he does especially with the satanic markings dragon ball wouldve been discontinued akira toriyama put hell and heaven in the show cause he wanted to show where characters go when they die theres not one sad moment in the afterlife so check your facts

  2. You got good points
    Something was always sketchy about it
    Never watching it again